Isabelle seemed to be always searching for fame.  She tried with her violin.  She tried with ice skating.  She knew inside her that she was meant for something bigger.  In her early twenties she changed everything she could about herself to start from scratch.  She got a new nose, new lips, new chin, new name.  She got an agent for acting and then received an offer for a huge job, to be the model for Oliviero Toscani's No-Anorexia campaign.  She accepted and got swiftly thrown into the media ring, a place where she knew (in a sense)  how to use her power, which was her anorexia.  It was exciting for her.  After the campaign came out she was in high demand on all the television networks, and was flown to  multiple countries to be on talk shows and news programs.   In some weird way, she was living out her wildest dreams, but through something that made her sick.  She told everyone she was getting better, that she gained weight since the campaign but the reality is, her illness became her job.  Something she couldn't admit to herself and many wouldn't admit in front of her.  Was my film perpetuating the problem?  I decided, since I was not acting like the news were acting, and was genuinely interested beyond her illness, that I was not.  

But now, in Germany my film has been marketed exactly as the media treated her before: with no respect for the person and exploiting the salacious image she became.   I have to believe that the light inside the film, a film I made with extreme care and thought, is stronger than the bad.  Maybe the people that are called in to see the film in that manner are the ones that need to experience humanization the most.