The Mirror

The most asked question when I was making this film was “why?”.  It took finishing the film to really understand my reasoning for why, and for me the reasoning was that Isabelle was like a mirror.  A mirror that took another path.  I was fascinated with how Isabelle dealt with her pain.  It was so visceral.  It was there for everyone to see.  She was hurting and she told everyone about it.  It showed.  A bizarre thing happens when people tell us about their pain.  I think more often than not it causes retreat.  Sadly, not knowing how to help leads to abandonment.  There is a fine line of experiencing your pain and victimhood.  I unfortunately think that Isabelle couldn’t find her way past the later.  But she was up against a lot.  And because of the way she felt her pain, that turned her into an object once she participated in the NO-Anorexia campaign. 

But in the end, Isabelle was just a human.  There is no need to abandon that.  So as I was filming, I stayed put.  I tried to remain loyal even when she was an extremely challenging human to be around.  I genuinely hoped that Isabelle would pull out of it.  She was strong enough in will, she could of.  But she didn’t make it.  I identified with Isabelle’s pain, and my way of helping was staying and distilling her story.  And somehow, by distilling her story, I helped myself.  So thank you for that dear Isabelle.