Isabelle and Music Melody

Isabelle spent her first few years of life around music with Christian, the father that raised her who was a sound technician, and the man she says was her biological father, French pop star, Danyel Gérard.  In fact, Isabelle's given name is Melody, named after Gérard's hit from the 70's, "Mélodie, Mélodie." 

When she was very young her parents gave her a violin, which she played until she completed conservatory in her teens.  She appeared on radio stations and even released a record titled "Mon Violon" under her first name change, Claire Mélody.  

We detail this fascinating part of Isabelle's life in the film!  Please rent on iTunes June 30th.  

Here is Danyel singing  "Mélodie, Mélodie" with pictures of Isabelle with her violin below: