Countdown to FEMMEfille on iTunes in 8 days

In eight days, the film that I made, with the help of many, including the wild universe that lead me on a journey I couldn’t make up, will be released on iTunes. My intention with this film was to understand a woman I knew,  Isabelle Caro, who was stuck inside herself as a little girl, desperately wanting to be understood. 

This film is in part about the power of an image, so I will be doing 8 days of releasing images that were powerful to me as I created this film.  Also an image every day of Isabelle.  Her life was made up of many fascinating faces, not just the images of her ill that are constantly used by the media when talking about her.  I understand that it is how she became famous, but that is not the only part of her.  My google alert for Isabelle is constantly alarming me of people trying to find pictures of Isabelle from before she was sick.  Well, we have many with rich pieces of her story that accompanies each image, which we will release here. 

femmefille poster