FEMMEfille (which in english translates to "WOMANgirl") is a feature length documentary on the story of Isabelle Caro, Oliviero Toscani’s “NO-Anorexia” model who rose to fame after his campaign.  Through spending time with Caro participating as a member of the jury for Top Model France and as she writes and releases her autobiography we see her attempt to be understood.  But the media has a different plan and aims to exploit Caro’s offering of her body.  Diving through different passages of time, with the aid of family photos as well as video diaries left behind, we see a kaleidoscope of Isabelle's life and the world that surrounded her.

In the end we come to know the complex history of a woman and the extreme life moments that ultimately lead to her death.  

After seven years, this labor of care will be released in the winter of 2014, thanks to the help of many. 

length: 87 minutes

production: TAG/TRAUM

director / producer: Kiki Allgeier

executive producer: Gerd Haag

editor: Gesa Marten

line producer: Connie Kellers

creative producers: Eun-Zi Kim & Kerstin Krieg

music by: Masami Tomihisa & Andreas Bjorck

partners: ARTE ZDF, YLE, SVT, Filmstiftung NRW, BKM, Hessische Filmförderung and DFFF